Wednesday, July 25, 2007

NFL Power Rankings!

BREAKING NEWS: July 25th 2007

The new NFL Power Rankings are posted at, well power rankings according to Jason Cole and Charles Robinson. Their rankings which put the Denver Broncos at #9 beg the question..."How do you go from being in the playoffs three years in a row, each year going deeper into the playoffs mind you, to not making the playoffs to now being considered the 9th best team in the league?"

YOU GET RID OF JAKE PLUMMER that's how you do it!

It saddens me to think that a team that gave such joy to root for year in and year out, is now just another team amongst many others, and many other better teams at that!

Once again, it seems had we continued to build upon our success from the 05/06 season, where our defense could not hold a lead in the AFC Championship, we would have won a super bowl within the next one or two years. All you can hope for now is that Denver wins another superbowl in Ed Mccaffrey's lifetime! God I miss you Ed! I bet if you laced em' up again, you'd be a better quarterback than that damn kid who couldn't muster up a winning recored at Vanderbilt.


Anonymous said...

Buddy I don't know why you hate Cutler so much but fact is he is a better QB than Plummer....thats why he got the starting job. And the 07 Broncos are a Super Bowl Team with him and one of the best coaches in the game. This offseason was one of the best the broncos have ever had, they have a very good shot at winning 13 or 14 games this season if you are really a Broncos fan you will move on from Jake the MISTAKE and come a root for JAY CUTLER!

Best wishes

John Elway

Anonymous said...

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