Friday, May 2, 2008

Sugar-Free Pumpkin Pie

Well, here's some news we can't really make fun of--Jay Cutler has apparently been diagnosed with Type-1 Diabetes. If you're too lazy to click the Wikipedia link, Type 1 is generally pretty dangerous and can cause a boatload of health problems if untreated. Luckily, it looks like doctors caught it before anything bad happened and Jay apparently just needs regular insulin shots and a healthy diet. As a millionaire professional athlete with access to the best doctors, trainers, and dieticians in North America, Jay should be A-OK as long as he sticks to his regimen. No more getting hammered though, guy. Diabetics can really mess themselves up on the sauce.

Anyway good luck Jay. You've joined a large and fruitful group of diabetic celebrities like Halle Berry, Ty Cobb, Ernest Hemingway, Mikhael Gorbachev, George Lucas, Sugar Ray Robinson (boy, that one's ironic,) Anwar Sadat, Elvis Presley, James Brown, Rick James, and yes, Jerry Mathers as the Beaver. We're sure you'll stick to your treatments and live a very long time.

Just don't use the blood tester on your throwing hand.


Anonymous said...

WTF how can my hero get Diabetes. Shit I can't believe this. I tried to find other football players that had this but i couldn't find anyone.

Grizzly said...

Thats odd that the dumbass video calling him fat comes out, then soon after we discover he has Diabetes.

On a football note, I was watching the NFL channel and they made a good point. He talked about, that, in the Shanahan erra his QB's always break out in their third season. Elway went to the superbowl in Mikes third season. Statistically Brian Greise had his best season in his third year. And Plummers third year was the epic 2005 season. So we'll see what happens.

fight diabetes said...

hi there., i just dropped into ur blog and saw your recipe and it looks delicious! and it looks healthy too..