Thursday, September 25, 2008

Kansas City is about to get Old Yeller'd

Enjoy that tailgate y'all, because the fun's over when the game starts.

What was once a feared excursion into the heart of hell itself has now become one of the biggest tomato can shooting galleries in the NFL. That's right, the Broncos are off to Kansas City to presumably stomp the Chiefs into next Thursday. After yet another nail biter, the Broncos are 3-0 and we don't see any way they lose this game. None. Zero. Zip. Zilch.

The Chiefs were our early pick for "Worst Team In League" and although St. Louis is just a tad worse right now with Detroit and Cincy right in the running, KC is still on track for that #1 2009 draft pick despite scaring the crap out of New England. KC may end up with the same record as another bad team, which means that in spirit, the Chiefs will "lose" the "loser tiebreaker" for the sheer moral victory of assassinating Tom Brady's knee and sending the Patriots into chaos. However, their thorough spanking at the hands of the Raiders at Arrowhead gives us confidence that Pumpkin Pie and the Funky Bunch may not only beat the Chiefs but set some offensive records in a runaway victory...

...especially since the Chiefs' offense is so bad that even the Broncos' defense won't come close to blowing this one (they won't, right?) Seriously, we're pumped by the ripping start to the season, but the defense is giving us nightmares. Denver's going to win 10 or 11 games--there it is, everyone--but if the offense runs into a tougher D when it matters, the Broncos are going to wind up like the Bengals were a few years ago, a lights-out offense and a defense that wouldn't scare Gary Coleman.

Still, Denver's relatively healthy now and almost every other team in the AFC who was unquestionably better has suffered some sort of injury to their biggest names--Brady, Tomlinson, Merriman, Parker, Roethlisberger, Manning, and lesser important pieces (like the Colts' offensive line) are out of the lineup or playing hurt. Anything can happen. This could just be one of those weird years when a one-dimensional team can win it all. Heck, it's happened 3 times in the last decade alone: the 2000 Rams, the 2001 Ravens, the 2003 Fake never knows. We don't quite yet believe Shanahan's rejuvenated himself 100%, but if the defense can just keep another team (a good team, not the Chiefs or Raiders) under 25 freaking points, the Broncos are in it to win it.

Just no more heart attack games like New Orleans, please...30 other kickers in the NFL would have put the Broncos at 2-1. Combined with "Hochuli's Gift" against the Chargers, we should be 1-2 right now...but we'll take it as long as the wins keep coming.

(Note from Pale Horseman--And Jay Cutler is having a monster fantasy season. Keep it up, Pumpkin Pie. I want that league money...errr, I mean the satisfaction of fantasy dominance. For entertainment purposes only, of course.)

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Anonymous said...

Did you guys hear Aikman say on sunday that Mike Shanahan is not involved in the playcalling on offense and defense anymore?? Aikman also said that Shanahan Doesn't talk much football with Cutler when they are on the sidelines together. As much as I hate for this to happen I think you guys are gonna get what you want cause I think this means that Shanny will resign in the next few years.