Monday, November 3, 2008


13 WINS and 16 LOSSES

as a pro quarterback. Blame it on anything you want to. Since the BENCHING of Jake Plummer our wonderful and phenomenal Denver Broncos have gone 13-16. Let's see...It took Jake nearly 4 years to rack up 15 losses, in that same time he won 39 games for the Broncos. Lil' Pumpkin Pie has now surpassed Jake's losses in less than 3 years. Don't forget, he had a losing record at Vanderbilt as well.

Go ahead, curse us out, but if Jay is that good, than at least admit it's time for SHANAHAN to go.


Anonymous said...

can someone tell me what kind of haircut jay cutler has!!!! What should i say to the person who cuts my hair!!! help me LPP!!!!!!!!!!!

Let Plummer Play! said...

Absolutely, I would love to help you ANON. Simply walk into your local cost cutters and you can ask for one of two things:

1. "The Pumpkin Pie" Depending on where you are, this may be more difficult in some area's than others. We are proud to say that we coined that phrase for Jay's haircut, therefore it's not as popular as option 2.

2. Option number 2 is certainly the more obvious choice. Walk into any place where they cut hair and ask for the "HE-MAN" hairdo.

There you go ANON, all set, glad we could help.