Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Nothing Better To Do...

Still in search of Jake, we found the above.
It's a slow day at work, slow enough for me to have been violated and offended by a Raider fan via AOL's Instant Messenger. I paste the message for your pleasure:

Mxxxxz, Hector says:
so i see that you guys will be 1 thug down for the monday night opener.....LOL

Of course Hector was referring to Brandon Marshall. It's frustrating. I was looking forward to that opening game on Monday night. I'm afraid for our Broncos, I'm afraid for Jay. Who will he throw the ball to? Maybe he ought to just run all game, see if he can break some kind of QB rushing record. Then I see Jay commenting on how much he loves Brandon and supports him.

To quote, Jay says: "Brandon is not a bad guy, at all, he's a good guy."

When of course at the beginning of the summer Jay said "Yeah, he's not my favorite person right now. I mean, I support him, but it's always something with him right now."

Sounds a bit WISHY WASHY Jay. Do you support him? Is he not your favorite person? Hope your not so indecisive Monday September 8th.

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