Monday, December 10, 2007

"Sorry, I thought you were Devin Hester."

Okay, so Todd Sauerbrun got drunk and smacked a cab driver around. I think it's safe to say he'll be looking for a new employer fairly soon--unless Shanahan wants to look like "anything goes" in Denver. Maybe Todd wants to be a male model or something and doesn't care. He certainly looks like he wants to be the Tom Brady of punters in the above Star Shot. Hey, chicks dig the long ball and they love a guy with hang time.

In addition Brandon Marshall is going to court because of a DUI. Brandon, you're a dummy. Yeah, we said it. Look, we here at LPP have driven a tad tipsy before--but we NEED to drink to keep the mind-numbing crush of reality from destroying our weak spirits. We'll be wage slaves for the next 30 years. B-Marsh simply has to keep his nose clean for 7-8 years and he'll be set for LIFE. Didn't he learn anything from Big Baby Daddy? Fool! If you make NFL money, you can afford a cab! You cannot, however, afford to beat up the driver of the cab.

Hey, great judgment, fellas! Way to think about the team first!


jerry said...

thanks for listening.

Jerry said...

LPP, make an entry about the upcoming game where Kubiak and Shanahan meet for the first time during the regular season. It is sure going to be a heartwarming, loving, joyous, and sweet story on national television! It's going to basically be like Broncos vs Broncos, they have all our rejects and same offensive scheme.

I'll go make a roflbot image..

Jerry said...

kub and shanny
kub and shanny 2

ferguson getting the bench

Anonymous said...

LLP or Jerry could any of you answer this question for me if the Broncos win out and become 9-7 and lets just say SD loses to DET and then DEN they would most likely finish 9-7 also. So my question is since they would be 1-1 head to head and they would have the same DIV record who would get the playoff berth? I been tryin to find out all day and have yet to find an answer.


Jerry said...

Anon, I can help you with that.

Check this thread out:

That should have every answer to your questions.

Griz said...

I have a bit of a soft spot for Sauerbrun. I know he got the short end of the stick in the loss to Chicago. I mean for those that dont know, the ST coach tells him where to punt. Hes also one of the top punters in the game, consitently ranking among the top 5 in the league so im not sure what to make of this situation.